Styles of Bra

Bras Fitting

  • You’ll always look better in the right size bra. But you’ll look really great if you choose the right style.

    Padded Half-Cup Bra
    • Wide-set straps to show off your neck and cleavage
    • Gently brings your breasts forward
    • Great uplift

    Non-Wired Soft Cup Bra

    • Supportive but very comfy
    • Good if you're pregnant or have had an operation
    • Also great if you're a teenager and still growing

    Molded Bra

    • Choose a rigid mold for more lift
    • Soft mold for a more natural look
    • Seam-free for a smooth look

    Strapless Bra

    • Choose a three-section version for larger sizes
    • Go for a molded style for fantastic lift and support
    • Great for strapless eveningwear
    • Features gripper elastic to keep your bra in place

    Balcony Bra

    • Wide-set straps to show off your neck and cleavage
    • Ideal for low-cut tops
    • Good cleavage

    Nursing Bra

    • Drop-down cup for easy feeding
    • Cradles and support for maximum comfort

    Plunge Bra

    • Less coverage for a sexy look
    • Can be lightly padded for extra support
    • More suitable for women with a firmer bust
    • Great cleavage

    Sports Bra

    • Choose a soft cup or an underwire performance sports bra
    • Non-compression designs shape and lift to keep your boobs in the right place during exercise
    • Coolmax fabric draws moisture away and dries faster than cotton.

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